Our vision: To provide happy, healthy, and friendly pocket pets to every pet lover in the Northwest.

What We Do

We are here to supply the North West with happy and healthy baby dumbo rats.


Baby Dumbo Rats: $10.00

*$8.00 for all repeat customers*

About Us

Petsqueaks breeds friendly and playful baby dumbo rats.

Petsqueaks History

Petsqueaks was founded in 2010 by Jeff LaMar and Jennifer LaMar, who have always had a love for little pets. 

In 2010, Petsqueaks started with just hamsters.

In 2012, Petsqueaks expanded to include gerbils, mice, and lop rabbits.

In 2013, Petsqueaks introduced dumbo rats to the mix and found that this was by far their favorite pet.

After having just about every rodent possible, Jeff and Jennifer decided to discontinue their supply of hamsters, mice, gerbils, and rabbits.

Today, Petsqueaks is bigger than ever before but the only pets they currently have are dumbo rats.